Conclusion of solar energy source

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Mini-conclusion on Renewable Energy

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What is solar energy?

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Renewable energy

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Solar Energy - How Much Energy Comes From the Sun

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Some. I have often come across many people/students asking ‘is solar energy renewable or nonrenewable’? What is the reason behind this? The reason is: Most of these people who have this doubt in their mind actually are a bit confused about the meaning of the terms ‘Renewable’ and ‘Non-renewable’.

Intermittent renewable generating technologies (i.e. wind and solar) are causing havoc with electric grid operations because these technologies cannot be controlled by the operators of the electricity grid due to the fact that their generation depends on the wind blowing and the sun shining.

Wind energy, hydroelectricity, and solar energy are some examples of renewable fuel sources. There are also many things that people can do everyday to save energy (and, in turn, conserve fossil fuels). Nuclear power plant in Dukovany, Czech Republic.

Image credit: Petr Adamek.

Energy resources: Solar energy

( -- The commercial nuclear reactors in use worldwide are currently helping to minimize our consumption. Conclusion. The current Northwest energy system runs primarily on three different sources of energy: coal, hydro, and petroleum.

Either coal or hydro supplies most of .

Conclusion of solar energy source
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